Eileen Rourke – CNA

In June, Woodbriar Health Center’s Employee of the Month was Eileen Rourke.  Eileen has been a CNA 7 years and has been with us for half of her career!  After taking care of both of her parents, Eileen left her managerial position at a manufacturing company in order to answer her new calling, caring for those in need. Eileen doesn’t stop being aid just because she’s off the clock.  She provides amazing care to friends and family, truly proving that her work is more than a paycheck… it’s a lifestyle!  And when there’s time for fun, you can find Eileen chilling at the beach.  Whether it’s sunbathing or watching the waves, Eileen finds relaxation and rejuvenation when she’s near the water. A true care giver, when Eileen was asked what she liked the most about her role at Woodbriar, she answered, “A sense of accomplishment.  Seeing a patient meet their goals, going from point A to point B is amazing.”  For Eileen, knowing that she’s an important part of that growth is what keeps her coming back for more!